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Mangawhai Mawhero

  • $995.00

The first in a new range of 'epic' imagery, captured with phenomenal detail & clarity on state of the art Phase One XF medium format camera, 100 Megapixel Trichromatic digital back & Schneider Kreuznach blue-ring lenses. Second sub image shows the original RAW files before downloading, endorsing the authenticity of the colours. View more of the original RAW files here.


"I discovered this outstanding vantage point weeks earlier, but the light on that occasion was less than this scene deserved. So I waited patiently & followed the weather closely, until I saw this cloud forecast & figured it might just offer some dramatic light at dawn ... I took the gamble & dropped everything, set my alarm for 3am & drove the 2 hours north for another attempt. And after the 30 minute hike to these Nikau, I arrived just as the light was forming these spectacular colours. Brilliant, my hunch paid off!"


Equipment: Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic + Schneider Kreuznach 45mm blue-ring lens


2 frames stitched, to achieve epic detail & clarity


Exposure: 1/10 sec @ f11 ISO 400