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Papercuts 2 - Eventide

  • $500.00

Unframed print.


PAPER CUTS 2018 - Captures of immobile surrealism.


Church’s dioramic tableaus transport the viewer through a deliberate graphic portal. Playing with ideas of location and dimension based on the non-analagous combination of images and textures.


Church has hand rendered (through collage) frozen temporal moments, in a process that is Church’s most painterly to date. Experimenting with the unexpected nuances of the natural light streaming through her studio window, Church patiently harnessed the light she needed by photographing each arrangement at a particular place and at a specific time of day.


Developing and utilizing collage, photography and her strength for sculpting arrangements, she’s created a waterfall effect that leaves the viewer to determine the exact nature of what they are examining.



SMALL - Edition of 25

Size - 50cm x 50cm (Round image size 40cm in diameter)


LARGE - Edition of 12

Size  - 106.5cm x 106.5cm (Round image size 81cm in diameter)