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Inspired by 'The Watchful Fox' – Sauk & Fox – 1847, Native American Indian tribal jewellery. Traditionally, this particular shape was strung in multiples (made from bear claws) as a necklace. 

These earrings are beautifully simple, yet still posses a boldness with their length and beautiful shape. 

Materials: Cream stoneware, satin white glaze, sterling silver earring.

Dimensions: Length: 60mm

Reversible, wear curving in or out from face.

Each item is handmade with the wabi-sabi aesthetic in mind, so they may vary ever-so-slightly in appearance, but also means they are individual to the one beautiful you.

Necklace pictured is the beautiful 'Medicine Woman' necklace.  (Coming soon).

These earrings are in our Ponsonby store.