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Limited Edition Unframed Print

Edition of 20

800 x 900mm

“The Considerations” series, Michele Bryant 2012

The work in the “Considerations” series is centred around the idea of making choices to do with location, and a return to that location, or the many considerations and options that surround the ides of relocation, in particular from a city, back to rural life. Number IV in the series, “The Four Cities” is about four cities where I have stayed or lived and left and returned to (sometimes to rural life again) – London, Auckland, Wellington and Napier. Trees feature many times in the work as a symbol of home and my father, who is a prolific tree planter and is always literally putting down roots. Bees and planes are indicators of both travel, flight and comparitive ways of living. When viewed as a whole, the colour choices are echoed and applied at diluted levels through the series, to    give a visual idea of thoughts and concerns occuring, and reoccuring throughout a decision-making process.