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Daniel Kirsch

Daniel Kirsch

Daniel draws his inspiration from the land around him, from keeping a close eye on our culture/s and from the fact that nothing is permanent.

Daniel’s interest in art and print making began some 25 years ago while training to be a designer at university in his native Berlin. He has operated his own creative studio ever since, and has also worked in the artistic departments of leading German theatre and opera houses. In 2000 he left a busy city lifestyle behind and set sail for New Zealand shores aboard a container ‘waka’ (ship) to visit family and eventually installed himself on a farm near Coromandel, where he now lives and works.

Spending a good amount of time in the outdoors tramping, backpack camping, kayaking and cycling, Daniel fostered a close relationship with the natural world around him.

He enjoys the fact that we have two main cultural traditions in New Zealand which are both very present in Coromandel. As an ‘outsider’ Daniel has immensely valued the opportunity to study Te Reo and begin to explore some of the richness of Maori language and culture.

Over time Daniel’s work has taken him into a variety of media, beginning with ink drawings combined with print, and now incorporating photographic images, typography/words and screen print on paper and fabric as well as found materials like old boards and panels from vehicles abandoned in the bush.

Having a German and urban background offers different opportunities than if Daniel had always lived in rural NZ. In fact, this difference informs a lot of Daniel’s work and provides a unique way of looking at things.

While Daniel’s art also resonates with visitors and tourists it is mostly Kiwis with a personal cultural connection that click with the work on a deeper level and appreciate the New Zealand specific subtleties therein.

“Iconic work. Something especially New Zealand.” (TJ McNamara, NZ Herald 2010)


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