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  • Gentleman Anna Church


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At first glance this piece appears to pay homage to the “true gent of old”, yet the gentleman depicted by Anna Church’s ensign is in fact alive and well. Most of today’s men do enjoy the odd hand of cards with mates, would rather win than lose a trophy any day, partake in the daily ritual of shaving, are still handy with a hammer and rather partial to a shot of rum, and of course have an infallible sense of direction.

All of which is reflected in ‘Gentleman’. Central to the work is a vintage boxing bag representing strength, agility and strategy. Reminiscent of a coat of arms with its dark hues, wooden foundation, Natraj tree branches resembling stag horn fronds and a touch of military brass, this collection of relics is as much an homage today’s menfolk as it is an ode to those of yore.

Archival fine art print on Canson Baryta 310gsm paper

Variable edition, two sizes available within the edition of 50

Medium 400 x 540mm, large 590 x 800mm