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Limited edition unframed print on hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm.  Edition of 95.

Dimensions: 710 x 560mm.

In Maori culture, huia were not usually eaten but were rare and treasured for their precious white tipped feathers, worn by people to indicate status and mana. Although the species only lived in the southern North Island, the huia’s tail feathers spread throughout New Zealand because they were valued highly and were given as gifts among tribes to show great respect or exchanged for other valuable goods such as pounamu. The feathers were stored in intricately carved boxes called Waka Huia.

A huia has twelve feathers in its tail fan, like many perching birds. To our Maori ancestors, each tail feather of the huia represented one of the twelve heavens of Io, the Supreme Being, in Maori cosmology.