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Large Signet Ring - Gold Vermeil and Pounamu - Unisex

  • $375.00

Large Signet Ring - Gold Vermeil and Pounamu - Unisex.

Hand crafted in Gold Vermeil.

The gold vermeil jewellery has a thin layer of 18 carat gold on top of sterling silver.

Please note: Plating will wear off over time - Do not wear gold plated jewellery on a day to day basis, that way you will enjoy them for much longer.

Do not let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray.  Do not use a polishing cloth or strong jewellery cleaner as it may remove the gold.

Clean in a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water.

To have your jewellery replated, we can request a quote from Courtney.  

Available in womens and mens sizes.

Stone dimensions 15mm diameter.