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Meleta Bennett

Meleta Bennett

Ngapuhi / Ngati Ranginui 

Meleta lives in Rotorua, New Zealand.  For the past nine years she has been a Kaiako of Māori Weaving at Te Wananga O Aotearoa and was introduced to weaving in 1993 at a local Kohanga Reo (Early Childhood Centre).

"I have been fortunate to work alongside some great weavers who have shared their knowledge willingly and continue to mentor me". She has been able to share her knowledge of this art form and continue to pass on the cultural skills of the elders in order to create a link for future generations. 

Meleta likes to follow both contemporary and customary techniques. Kete Whakairo (woven patterned bags), and Kakahu (woven cloaks) are a few of the things she enjoys creating. Harakeke (flax), Muka (flax fibre) and Ti Kouka (cabbage tree) are some of the mediums that she uses in her work.

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