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My Heart's Content

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A nod to the uncompromised beauty of 19th century plasterwork mouldings and an ode to a bygone area of extreme opulence. While it too could be seen as purely decorative, look closely and you will see that it is not cherubin, fleur de lis, and stylised foliage as might be expected, but instead is a collection of beautiful reminders …

Reminders to savour moments and memories - champagne with friends, tea with your mum, a neighbour or even a stranger. To blow your own trumpet - pin your achievements to your chest and celebrate those of others. To take pride in everything you do - even if it’s just washing the dishes! To allow yourself indulgences - a spritz of perfume, a slice of cake, time to smell the roses. And mostly, to be grateful for it all, for it is in gratitude that we find contentment.

Printed on Fine art 100% cotton fibre, acid free paper. 

Edition 20
570mm x 810mm

Edition 20
550mm x 430mm