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From Alexis Neal's "Whenua Ora Series".

Framed relief print.

Hahnemuhle paper size: 162x920mm.

“The term Whenua Ora; upon the land or land in good health is a new body of work inspired by Tukutuku panels and painted Pou. The multi layered prints are looking at systems in nature and how it influences and shapes our lives. It’s not a realistic depiction but a stylised interpretation simply exploring the similarities within patterns of repetition and growth; this could also be understood as ones journey through life and our connection to a place. This new direction is experimenting with print processes, materials and scale. They are exploring ideas of generational knowledge and gender issues abound, capturing the essence of these narratives from a female perspective.” 

Primarily the back bone of Alexis Neal’s practice is the medium of print. Neal has studied Maori weaving for several years, transforming her studio practice. The combination of these interests has made her push the print medium into three dimensions, weaving works and compiling multiple layers of colour and patterning, referencing the weaves of Raranga Whakairo. 

The exploration of cultural identity, the value of history and the complexities of human connection are contemplated, to show how artefacts can be both personal adornment and remnants of material culture. Here, the Maori story is rendered with European materials. It’s a simple, effective weave. It is social and personal, cultural and human. It includes you.