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Unframed Print Limited edition print of 50 units.

Vessel: [ves-uhl]a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl,  pitcher, or vase, used for holding liquids or other contents.

Penny Stotter's 'Precious Vessels' hold pukeko mingling with kowhai, kea alongside flax and tuis amongst pohutukawa flora and fauna more precious even than the vases they adorn.      Refreshingly, Stotter is the first to say that she is driven to create works of beauty rather than 'meaning', however scratch their aesthetic surface and there is far more to them than she gives credit. In this, her most recent series of limited edition prints, titled 'Precious Vessels', several of Stotter's influences converge; her love of Italian minimalist still life, her own gorgeous collection of vases and pride in her New Zealand heritage.   

Stotter is an admirer of the work of Italian still life painters, particularly that of Georgio Morandi and his minimalist, rustic representations of groupings of pottery. She also has her own collection of vases, now stashed away (and finally out of mind) after days spent gazing at them from all angles, rearranging them here and there and ultimately rendering abstractions of their shapes into this series of work. 

The electric blue of Stotter's vessels' patterning is reminiscent of Delftware the instantly recognisable blue and white, tin-glazed pottery made in Delft, the Netherlands since the 16th Century. Where Delft pottery features scenes reminiscent of Dutch life; fishing boats, hunting scenes and windmillls, Stotter's vessels are adorned with motifs of indisputable New Zealand origin. The abstraction of their shapes, a nod to her years practicing as a graphic designer prior to devoting herself to her art full time and doing justice to her degree from the Ilam School of Fine Arts. Stotter also speaks of her love of the process of pattern-making; the arrangement of these shapes into the final compositions. In this, 'Precious Vessels' is a natural progression from her earlier 'Heritage' series with its similarly delicate and graphic arrangements of native flora and fauna.

380 x 560mm