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Steve Fullmer

Steve Fullmer

Steve Fullmer was born in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. and raised in Southern California near Los Angeles.  It was here that his taste for arts and crafts developed.

Steve first arrived in New Zealand in 1973 and began production-throwing work in Auckland.  Two years later he travelled around Australia and for a while worked as a production thrower for Courtland Pottery in Perth.   Now settled near Nelson in New Zealand, he has established a pottery and fires his work in large wood-fired kilns.

An artist in every sense of the word, Steve Fullmer believes in creating pieces of strong character. 

A winner of many national ceramic awards, his domestic ware carries the unmistakable Fullmer stamp of ghostly faces, hints of the mysteries of outer space, and the weird and whimsical.

He prefers unglazed surfaces, the coarseness absorbing the lights, reflecting only the tactile quality of the original clay. Once he might have wiped a drip, corrected a slip, but now he allows it to stay. “It’s a mistake and someone had to do it.  In fifty years it will be the mark of something made by hand.” 


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