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Tangimoe Clay

Tangimoe Clay

Ngati Ngahere, Te Whakatohea

The first 18 years of Tangimoe's life were spent with her kuia and koroua (Georgina and Thompson Clay), in a remote settlement Oponae on the outskirts of Opotiki.  Here she learnt to make use of what was available in the natural surroundings and also to recycle materials to create items of amusement and practical use. 

Tangimoe is a well-known weaver based in Opotiki.  She is also involved with iwi and hapu duties, local and national events, and running her own business.

Her work is widely regarded as meeting the very highest standards of traditional practice, as well as embracing contemporary form and material.  Her view of raranga is to "create and deliver beautiful taonga".

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