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Stone sculpture.

“ I was informed by the hook as an archetypal symbol, and I am fascinated by it’s role in myths and legends throughout time especially when one reads what is able to be hooked up. I am informed by the name of our Bay here in Hawke’s Bay. It is called Te Matau A Māui; The hook of Māui. Our Demi-god Māui fashioned his Te Matau (hook) from Te Kauae Maro O Muriranga-Whenua (one of his tīpuna kuia - grandmother). Such was the manakitanga (care and concern) not to mention the Aroha (Love) Muriranga-Whenua had for her Moko, that she gave to him her jawbone. With her incredible power and wisdom he was able to hook up a big one; The North Island.

I like to consider other metaphorical connections this particular Te Matau alludes to. Consider her feminine form. Imagine being hooked, lured and lulled into the hollow between her thighs. Imagine the struggle trying to scale up those steep slopes to freedom - impossible. But consider turning Te Matau upside down. Escape is facilitated by gravity. Freedom is assured.

Freedom from addiction can be illustrated using this form of Te Matau.”

- Ema Scott


The medium is ‘woman-made’ stone; with quartz aggregate.

Best displayed indoors. 

Polish will keep if displayed indoors, outdoor it will not.

Dimensions: 1280mm x 360mm.