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Next Step, Well Balanced & Extended range.

"In the past year we have been concerned about what is the next step in our daughter’s education. We want to provide the best foundation for her before she enters college.  It’s not that the school that she attends is not working - it’s more that she is a bright child (in comparison to what I was like at her age).  I want her to be challenged and extended rather than the next couple of years being in a holding loop. Due to the large class sizes there is a lot of crowd and noise control, and the school can only focus on the basics – reading, writing and arithmetic - throughout the year. At the end of the day a teacher can physically cover only so much during school hours when they have a class that has a wide range of learning needs.

‘GO PRIVATE’ has been swimming in my head so that she will not be just another child lost in a crowd (or class room). EXPENSIVE! Can we afford it? Not secondary, but we could justify the intermediate years and put on hold the planned big overseas trip, new carpets, drapes for a few years.  In the end I just want her to have the opportunity to do her best, be extended and work to her fullest potential… and be grounded, well balanced and happy.  I hear you laugh… with puberty and the teenage years just around the corner!"

Well Balanced - Bronze on plinth, Edition of 20

Bronze on plinth.  Edition of 20.

Dimensions: 335mm height x 205mm width x 65mm depth.