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Wendy Lineham

Wendy Lineham

Wendy Lineham is a fulltime artist based in Nelson and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Canterbury University.

Collage mixed media works - Magazines, Pinterest…images always speak.  Here Lineham  manipulates the interplay between the drawn images and the collaged “ready-made" images. "One of these images, repeated throughout this series, is Mc Cahon’s  Iam Scared/I Stand up. What do they mean when read together? New Zealand is small, our cultural experience as a nation is embryonic. These images contain fleeting references to our collective past." 

 The Sky dishes: Oil on metal - The images reference the biscuit tins of Lineham’s childhood. Often these tins with their idealised (pre photo shop ) images were proudly displayed…informing the aesthetic of the room.  "Juxtaposed along  with an idealised image is a Maori word/phrase. The works invite people to think about what words are in the common domain for use by New Zealanders and what words should remain sacred/tapu."

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